What are the effects of Gabapentin on injury-induced hypersensitivity?

effects of gabapentin

The uses and effects of Gabapentin

Gabapentin is an antiepileptic and anticonvulsant substance. It is often used in combination with other drugs to ease nerve pain and seizures. Gabapentin uses also include easing severe pain experienced post-surgery, accidents, etc. Gabapentin is considered to be safer than a lot of old drugs. In high doses, the effects of Gabapentin can be life-threatening.

Some common effects of Gabapentin include-

• Drowsiness.
• Blurry vision.
• Tremors.
• Dizziness.
• Agitation.
• Abnormal eye movements.
• Difficulty in coordination.
• Viral infections.
• Trouble concentration.

The less common effects of Gabapentin require a prompt medical examination. These include –

• Swelling in the limbs.
• Imbalance in mood, especially depressive thoughts and suicidal ideations.
• Difficulty in breathing.
• Swelling of lymph nodes.
• Rashes.
• Difficulty remembering.
• Extreme fatigue.
• Fever.
• Impaired speech.
• Difficulty in urination.
• Chills and cough.
• Black stools.
• Ulcers.
• Swelling of the glands.

Additionally, if you experience any side effect abruptly, then consult a doctor. Gabapentin may interact adversely with other medications.
The effects of gabapentin on hypersensitivity.

While reducing hypersensitivity is not a main use of gabapentin, it is being debated. Gabapentin is shown to reduce central hypersensitivity. However, gabapentin can also induce hypersensitivity. It is a rare, but fatal side effect of gabapentin. Although it is not fully known how gabapentin works, it prevents the increase in sensation of pain.

Most experiments studying the effects of gabapentin have been done on rats and mice. The results cannot be translated to humans without some changes. However, there is supporting evidence that gabapentin reduces hypersensitivity in rats. Before you order gabapentin cash on delivery, understand that studies have found that gabapentin can also cause hypersensitivity. The mechanism behind it is unknown. Also note that in the experiments conducted, hypersensitivity was not a consequence of injury.

A word of caution

Gabapentin can be bought over the counter. Despite having a weak addictive property and potency compared to opioids, Gabapentin is to be taken with certain precautions. Gabapentin is abused in low numbers and can have fatal in these cases. Understand these precautions before you buy gabapentin USA to USA.

• Informing the healthcare professional about any mental disorders prior to taking Gabapentin. Gabapentin is likely to worsen certain mental conditions.

• Do not take Gabapentin in case of severe breathing/respiratory issues.

• Talk to your healthcare professional about your allergies. Gabapentin may have inactive substances that may trigger an allergic reaction.

• Gabapentin can react adversely with alcohol. Make sure that you do not have alcohol in your system before consuming gabapentin.

• Consult your healthcare professional if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before taking gabapentin. It is because gabapentin is passed into breast milk.
• Do not increases/decrease the dosage without consulting the doctor.

• Do not consume outdated medication.

• Discuss your medical history with the doctor prior to taking Gabapentin, especially problems related to the kidney.

• In case of a missed dosage, consult your doctor.

Please note that the interaction of Gabapentin with the human body is still being studied and there are no concrete conclusions supporting the role of gabapentin in easing injury-induced hypersensitivity.

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